The first two missionaries of Caritas sisters set foot on Philippine grounds in 1992 to make their founder’s dream come true. One of his dreams was to come to the Philippines. The first work offered to them was to set up a school to respond to the needs of the new community that had been developing beside Laguna Technopark in Sta. Rosa and Biñan, Laguna. Consequently, a co-educational school was established in 1994. It was called Caritas Don Bosco School. It had a very humble start. The first CDBS family consists of only twenty-one (21) preschoolers and three (3) Caritas sisters together with two (2) lay teachers. The Homeowners’ Association of Santa Rosa Village generously accommodated this little family at their Multi-Purpose Hall. In spite of the inconvenience of incomplete facilities, the school had a good start through the help of parents and people in the Village. There was a true family spirit that caused a tremendous progress in our school.

The congregation of the Caritas Sisters of Jesus was founded by Salesian Italian priests of St. John Bosco in 1937 in Miyazaki, Japan. The founder, Fr. Antonio Cavoli, SDB and co-founder, Venerable Vincent Cimatti, SDB named the congregation “Caritas” because it started with love and concern for the poor people. The love and self-sacrificing work for the abandoned of the Caritas sisters won the hearts of a lot of non-Catholics and led them to God. The small seed blossomed into fruitful tree that has spread its missionary presence in 15 countries with around 1000 sisters of different nationalities.

The school population grew to 93 in 1995 and in the following years; 197, 297, 430 and 640 in 1999. By the year 2000, it was 860 and just in the previous year, more than 1,400 students in all 13 levels (Nursery to 4th year high school) enrolled. The school is developing every year. Caritas Don Bosco School’s first years of educative presence has proven to be very fruitful, particularly among children in close collaboration with its Educative Pastoral Community.

Caritas Don Bosco School, living up to its motto I Love, Therefore I Serve, strives for the total formation of the young as a person according to the charisma of St. Francis de Sales which our patron saint, Saint John Bosco carried out all his life and handed down to us.


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